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At CLP, we celebrate individuality and uniqueness.
We respect each other’s differences and find ways to work harmoniously together. We believe in using our gifts to empower others and build a compassionate, just, and sustainable society.

We are a K-12 Educational Institution that adheres to the
Progressive Learning Methodology.
Progressive Learning education addresses the deficiency of traditional methods of teaching. It is an educational movement which gives more
value to experience than textbook memorization. It emphasizes experiential learning that concentrate on the development of a child's talents.

About Us

CLP Vision

To be the best progressive Early Childhood and Basic Education institution that nurtures diverse learners to be active thinkers and peace builders.

CLP Mission

To provide a multi-dimensional learning experience to meet the diverse needs of all kinds of minds and foster a culture of peace in realizing the full potential of each individual through a curriculum anchored on
Peace Education.

The CLP Philosophy

CLP is based on the Progressive Approach and follows a combination of Social Constructivism and Transformative theories as the foundation of its program design and curriculum implementation. Through these philosophical underpinnings, CLP envisions students as lifelong learners equipped to meet global challenges and to contribute significantly to Philippine society. CLP students celebrate their strengths and accept individual differences. They carry with them the message of peace grounded on faith, a sense of national pride and are empowered to build a community that fosters social awareness, acceptance and respect for all.


The school’s philosophy resonates in all of the school’s programs and services and is grounded on the interactive roles of the Learner, the Family, the School and the Community.


       The school has acquired Deped Recognition since 2009 for its elementary and high school and SPED programs.  The school is a recipient of the 2017 Excellence in Educational Transformation Award (EETA) for its innovations in Peace Education ingrained in its curriculum and programs. In addition, CLP School is an official partner of various organizations that promote peace, love for learning and love for the earth, namely, Teach Peace Build Peace Movement (TPBPM), The Storytelling Project, and Dolphins Love Freedom. Some faculty members are part of the formators that design and develop teacher training programs for peace education for the Kapatiran Schools of TPBPM.

      CLP School has pioneered the Youth Peace Summit (YPS) which brings together students from different schools not to compete with one another, but to interact, form alliances and work together for peace.  The YPS is unique in a sense that children as young as 6 years participate in a one day workshop that seeks to empower and equip the youth to be tomorrow’s peace builders.

Graduates of CLP School move on to enter colleges of their choice including the top universities in the Philippines.

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